The project promotes the exploitation of the electron tomography method and its extension to applications in materials science and development of semiconductor and photonic materials and technology. It serves to initiate cooperation and to intensify knowledge transfer to small and medium sized companies in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. By setting up this application laboratory, the Microstructure Department is offering its knowledge on applied research and electron tomography to partners from academia and industry.


The project "Application Laboratory Electron Tomography" is funded by the European Union (project-nr. 2016011843) and the state of Berlin via the EFRD.

Service of Application laboratory

  • Sample preparation for electron tomography
    • Target preparation with focused ion beam (FIB) technique
    • Dispersion of nanoscaled, crystalline objects
  • Data recoding with scanning transmission electron microscope
    • Accelerating voltage up to 200 kV
    • Spacial resolution < 5 nm
    • Various imaging modes
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction and data analysis
  • Visualization of results