Avizo is a visualization and analysis software for processing and preparing of scientific as well as industrial data in the field of materials science.

Sections through the volume for a look inside or the visualization of surfaces or boundary layers are only a small part of the possibilities for visual representation of the data. Also Tomogram sections through all three spatial surfaces or the polygon mesh can be displayed without any problems.

Avizo has a built-in animation application, as well as. Virtual Reality Support.

Avizo image
Avizo image © Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

other software:

JOEL EM-05500TGP TEM Tomograph System

"The TEM Tomograph System is an automation system that covers the entire process from acquiring sequential tilt images to their three-dimensional reconstruction. Its software (recorder, composer, visualizer quay) uses unique algorithms that allow automation of of various settings specifically required for tomography."
© JEOL Ltd.

DigitalMicrograph by Gatan

"Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) is the standard software for experimental control and analysis of (Scanning) transmission electron microscopes. GMS 3 has been completely redesigned and uses a new, greatly simplified user interface. GMS 3 allows beginners to easily perform basic research applications, while continuing to provide the deep access and control that highly experienced Microscopists are accustomed to and demand."
© Gatan, Inc.


"IMOD is a set of image processing, modeling, and display programs designed for tomographic reconstruction and for 3D reconstruction of EM serial sections and optical sections. The package includes tools for merging and aligning data within different types and sizes of image stacks, to view 3D data from any orientation, and to for modeling and viewing image files."
© Regents of the University of Colorado

ASTRA Toolbox

"ASTRA Toolbox is a MATLAB and Python toolbox with powerful GPU primitives for 2D and 3D tomography. It supports 2D parallel and fan beam geometries as well as 3D parallel and cone beam. All feature highly flexible source/detector positioning. A large number of 2D and 3D algorithms are available, including FBP, SIRT, SART, CGLS. Basic forward and backward projection operations are GPU-accelerated and directly callable from MATLAB and Python to enable the development of new algorithms. The source code for ASTRA Toolbox is available on GitHub available."
© imec-Vision Lab


Gwyddion a program for visualization and analysis microscopy data. It allows the analysis of height fields, Profilometry data or thickness maps from imaging spectrophotometry.
"Gwyddion provides a large number of data processing functions, including all standard statistical characterization functions, leveling and data correction, filtering or grain labeling."
© Department of Nanometrology, Czech Metrology Institute.